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"A paradigm is a standard, or law of nature that makes everything work together perfectly. When Jesus came to Earth, he shifted the paradigm of religion into a focus of love and genuine relationship with the Father. We are PRDGMS.
This is the Shift."

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BIO  PRDGMS is a 5 piece Independent Christian Metal band from New York City. Formed at the very end of 2019, they have released 1 EP and 2 singles. PRDGMS has cultivated an ever evolving sound and take pride in their ability to infuse many different genres to create something unique. Their latest single "Stains", fuses NYC Drill Rap with Metalcore and Deathcore elements, whilst promoting positive and Biblical themes in their lyrics. They spent 2022 finally performing live all over NYC, opening for notable acts, such as Brojob, Distinguisher, Falsifier, idle threat, Diamonds to Dust etc. They have even performed outside of their home state, in PA. They are set to release their Self Titled debut full length album, which will be a reinterpretation of their debut EP, along with new original songs.

PRDGMS - Agnus Dei (Official Music Video)
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